Oncology Institute In Moscow Opens PET Diagnostics And High-Accuracy Radiotherapy Departments

Oncology Institute In Moscow Opens PET Diagnostics And High-Accuracy Radiotherapy Departments

The Group of Companies European Medical Center (GEMC) is now the first private clinic in Russia to open a Positron Emission Tomography (PET-CT) Department with its own pharmaceutical production and a Radiation Cancer Therapy Department including two linear accelerators.

GEMC created an Institute of Oncology in Russian private clinics implementing an oncologic comprehensive protocol with high-accuracy diagnostics and screening (MRI, PET/CT, pathomorphology, immunohistochemistry, genetic testing), radiotherapy, chemotherapy, da Vinci robot-assisted surgery, psychological assistance for patients and families, pain treatment and palliative care.

“The project received over ten favorable decisions and permits on security from regulatory bodies and expert organizations. All facilities are equipped with modern radiometric and radiation-monitoring equipment certified in Russia according to national and international standards,” said Leonid Shayman, who is a GEMC Board Member and one of the responsibles for the Radiation Therapy and PET-CT Departments.

“The main advantage of the equipment is its ability to apply more intense radiation exposure in less time, greatly increasing the effectiveness of treatment, while reducing the length and number of sessions. The department provides round-the-clock emergency radiotherapy for oncologic emergencies, and radiation treatment of cancer in children over three,” noted Shayman.

The PET-CT and Radiotherapy Center is based  in Moscow at the GEMC hospital on Shchepkin and it represents an investment of 1.35 billion rubles. Per year, the PET-CT Diagnostics Center has the capacity to take in 6,000 patients, and the radiation therapy department 25,000 patients.

The Department of Radionuclide Diagnostics includes equipment and techniques such as the PET-CT and CT systems Philips Gemini (USA) and the single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) system Philips Brightview XCT (USA). Further, the department also detains a cyclotron that delivers its own PET-CT radiopharmaceuticals.

Extended quality control laboratory and research technique on sentinel lymph node for melanoma and breast cancer are available and radiopharmaceutical production of tyrosine and choline for neurosurgery and oncourology is planned for September, 2015. The Department of Radiotherapy is equipped with Trilogy and TrueBeam accelerators by Varian.

The PET-CT Diagnostics and Radiotherapy Departments represents the final stage to form a system of full cycle medical treatment of oncologic patients at GEMC, combining several specialized clinics and diagnostic units led by highly-qualified professionals.

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