Hong Kong Medical Center Adopts Elekta’s MOSAIQ Oncology Information System

Hong Kong Medical Center Adopts Elekta’s MOSAIQ Oncology Information System

mosaiqClinicians at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital have replaced their Varian ARIA® oncology information system (OIS) with Elekta’s MOSAIQ® OIS, in an attempt to improve the integration of radiation therapy treatment and planning systems of multiple providers.

“Radiotherapy planning and treatment need to be seamless processes, but that can be difficult to achieve when operating radiation treatment systems and planning systems from multiple vendors,” George Chiu, Head, Department of Radiotherapy at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, said in a press release. “In 2011, when we began to explore how we could integrate the different systems under one database, we discovered that Elekta had a solution for that in MOSAIQ.”

MOSAIQ is a patient information management system that has the ability to centralize radiation oncology, particle therapy and medical oncology patient data all into one single user interface, that can be accessed by multi-disciplinary teams across several locations.

This platform can connect to any linear accelerator and planning system, allowing radiation treatment centers the ability to decide which treatment solutions are more appropriate for their practice as well as for their patient’s treatment.

According to Elekta, MOSAIQ has integrated safety and Quality Assurance tools, such as “clinician worksheets, quality checklists and care plans, biometric patient identification, and patient positioning and verification tools to summarize and support patient safety”. Furthermore, it is considered one of the broadest treatment planning systems and radiotherapy treatment delivery devices in the industry.

To decide on the evaluation of MOSAIQ, a team led by Chiu visited MOSAIQ’s installation at the National Cancer Centre Singapore. Additionally, the group of experts gathered further information in several places such as Taiwan, Singapore, Toronto and New York City.

“These visits convinced us that MOSAIQ would provide the one-stop, centralized database we needed for easy access to patient care and management,” said Chiu. “In April 2014, we set up a MOSAIQ test environment in our hospital to evaluate hardware and software connectivity with our diverse array of systems. Everything went smoothly, so we were able to go live with MOSAIQ in August.”

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The broad integration between systems that MOSAIQ can achieve translates into patient information being stored together in the same system, which will allow clinicians to track patient treatment, clinical outcomes and quality measurements in an easier and more efficient manner.

“Integrating the different treatment and planning platforms was critical,” Chiu explained. “If you want to integrate all your systems and work from a single database, MOSAIQ is the best choice.”

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