Sanovas New Radiation Oncology Drug/Device Platform Granted Seminal Patent

Sanovas New Radiation Oncology Drug/Device Platform Granted Seminal Patent

shutterstock_75090052Sanovas Inc., a company focused on the development of next-generation microinvasive diagnostics, devices and drug delivery technologies, has announced that the patent “Photodynamic Therapy for Tumors with Localized Delivery,” was delivered to the company.

This patent enables a wide protection for newly developed techniques aimed to reverse hypoxia in therapy-resistant tumors along with delivery of combination therapy to peripheral tumors, in particular lung cancer.

The company is focused on developing accurate device systems that can reduce the overall toxicity and unwanted side effects that are commonly associated with chemotherapy and traditional radiation therapy.

“Treatment of peripheral lung tumors is growing more relevant given the increased burden of cases as lung cancer screening becomes mainstream,” Gordon H. Downie, MD, PhD, FCCP, a Pulmonologist at Northeast Texas Interventional Medicine, and a clinical adviser to Sanovas, said in a company’s press release.

“Challenges facing the clinician include protecting lung function in patients with already compromised abilities, optimal targeting of therapy to avoid serious injury to normal structures, real-time confirmation of clinical effectiveness, non-mutanegenic or carcinogenic tumorcidal agents, and the ability to assess for tissue hypoxia. Locally/regionally delivered and activated PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) can address all these challenges,” Dr. Downie, a former Associate Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina added in the press release.

Sanovas precision therapy technology includes direct visualization and localized drug infusion with photodynamic radiation and real-time analysis allowing the clinician to adopt an accurate, evidence-based methodology to targeted radiation oncology.

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Throughout radiation therapy, one of the most common problems clinicians come across is that tumors can enter an elevated state of hypoxia, or lack of oxygen. Sanovas new PDT technology wants to address this question. As Larry Gerrans, the Inventor, Founder, President and CEO of Sanovas went on to explain, “There is a significant unmet clinical need for a method of treating hypoxic malignant tumors that is capable of delivering an oxygenating agent directly to target tumor tissue within a bodily cavity in order to achieve more precise and efficient oxygenation of the target tumor site, as well as to avoid exposing the surrounding healthy tissue to potentially damaging chemical agents. This is especially promising for Lung Cancer, which is among the most recalcitrant cancers in the world and, by far, the deadliest of all. The PDT patent represents a milestone event toward a more targeted and less-invasive treatment for cancer and one that promises to mitigate the deleterious side effects of cancer treatment that we have become all too familiar with.”

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