Integrated Radiation Dose Management Solution Launched By Philips

Integrated Radiation Dose Management Solution Launched By Philips

Isaura #2The DoseWise Portal was present today by Royal Philips during the 100th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

This system consists of a comprehensive radiation dose management software that can control radiation exposure risk for both patients and caregivers alike, allowing healthcare providers to record, monitor and analyze imaging radiation dose.

The risk caused by radiation exposure during imaging scans is thought to be low, and furthermore, the resultant diagnostic benefits can outweigh the associated risk. However, the industry is committed to reduce radiation exposure through improvements in technology. Importantly, technicians who handle these machines should be carefully trained, since some imaging techniques, such as computer tomography (CT), have higher doses of radiation per session and are performed 68 million times every year in the United States.

Gene Saragnese, CEO and vice president of Philips Imaging Systems, said in a press release: “Dose management is a critical issue, and the reality is that sometimes the higher radiation dose of a CT is necessary for a particular patient to in order reach a definitive diagnosis, in the shortest time, and at the lowest cost. Philips DoseWise Solutions return a measure of control to patient care, arming clinicians and informing patients with the tools, training and insights they need in order to ask the right questions regarding  radiation dose.”

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Some industry standards developed over the last few years were great tools for healthcare providers to use in dose management. But as health systems and hospitals want to protect their patients, the need for better tools with wider solutions that can implement broad and comprehensive strategies takes over. Philips’s DoseWise Solutions was developed as a response to that need, and incorporates a comprehensive portfolio of services, products and tools that not only provide data but also support the implementation of careful dose management.

Christoph Wald, from the Department of Radiology at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington commented: “Understanding and delivering the right dose for each person each time, and tracking and analyzing exposure over time, requires more than just technology, but also involves a new way managing radiation safety. Philips DoseWise is the first integrated, holistic solution that integrates staff and patient dose protecting both patients and clinicians and helping us to comply with critical new dose management standards and regulations.”

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